Our expertise for your health.

A cancer diagnosis weighs heavily. The ideal treatment method is therefore crucial. The Gastrointestinal Tumor Network Zurich (GITZ) is fully committed to this. It brings together more than 50 renowned experts, including international experts from various specialist fields to treat gastrointestinal tumors. This includes, for example, oesophageal cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer and colon cancer. We examine your case carefully, discuss it intensively in the panel of experts of the tumor board and recommend the most suitable therapy based on our experience and expertise. The tumor board meetings take place every week so that as little valuable time as possible is lost.

This is how the GITZ works on your behalf.

We bundle expert knowledge

In order to assess your individual case, the GITZ brings together certified specialists in the area of gastrointestinal tumors – doctors from all relevant fields. This guarantees you a comprehensive assessment and a highly professional treatment recommendation.

International expertise in controversial discussions

In complex cases, the Zurich core network brings in additional international experts in order to benefit from their special expertise and experience regarding your case.

The GITZ Association – independent of institutions

As an association, the GITZ is independent of individual institution, which ensures flexibility and neutrality in the decision-making process and the recommendation for your treatment.

Leading network of experts in organ preservation

The GITZ plays a pioneering role in the area of organ preservation. We explore and pursue alternatives to surgery. To this end, we push forward with innovative approaches and technologies.

Treatment or second opinion

To receive the best possible treatment method in your case: either undergo full treatment by our network members or simply ask us for a second opinion.

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